September 2020, I started my second year of sixth form and having just turned 17 years old. Most individuals should be excited about applying to universities at this point, looking at different courses, and thoroughly enjoying their final year of college, but I wasn't.

I despised coming to 6th Form every single day, not just occasionally, and I knew if I went to university I would feel the same way. I was frustrated for a considerable amount of time since I was aware that it wasn't for me but also unsure of what was. I kept asking myself what my purpose was but found it difficult to come up with any responses.
But I was aware of my strong interest in fashion, particularly in buying and reselling specific brands. But as I was doing this, I became aware that none of these companies were providing me with distinctive, artistic pieces that I would truly be excited to wear. I began to consider how I could affect change and came to the conclusion that if these brands weren't capable to provide me with what I desired, I would have to launch my own clothing brand. So, a few weeks after my birthday, DDreams, my very own brand, was established with the promise of producing garments with artistic designs that uniquely communicate deeper stories than the surface.
For instance, take a look at our Tranquility collection, which I created to symbolise the parallels between a butterfly's life and the journey you take to reach your goals: you start out small, like a caterpillar facing difficult obstacles, but these obstacles fortify you and teach you lessons until you gradually grow wings and one day start to fly, celebrating the success of your difficult journey.

My main objective with DDreams is to encourage others by showing them that anyone can achieve their goals if they have faith in themselves and are willing to take the risk necessary. You can be afraid of the unknown, but as the saying goes, "If you risk nothing, you risk everything."
I'm excited to have you along as we pursue our dreams together.
Divan - Founder
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