DDreams; a self-explanatory brand name that reflects dreams but not only dreams. It signifies Divan's Dreams (DD), my name, but others call me Dkayy; what you call me is totally up to you.

I started DDreams because I've always loved styling fashion and creating unique outfits that draw public attention and drive curiosity, prompting people I meet to ask me questions like "yoo, where did you get that hoodie from?" or "nahh bro, you're actually different... teach me," even though the latter is humour.

In fact, jokes like that were so motivating that I decided to launch my own fashion label with the goal of inspiring, encouraging, and influencing a community to improve. You may wonder why we want our community to improve collectively and individually... because we believe that the purpose of life is to pursue the best version of yourself because everyone in society contributes to how society is so by playing your role and accepting responsibility and accountability this will undoubtedly lead to a better world.

I want you to visualise two universes right now and decide which one you would choose to live in. In World 1, everyone was sluggish and selfish. A society in which no one pursued their goals and accepted a bleak fate, or World 2; where everyone tried to develop themselves physically, mentally, emotionally... completely. When faced with a decision, they consider the greatest potential conclusion and strive for greatness not only for themselves, but also for their friends, family, and community. I personally choose to live in World 2, soo come and join me.

Our core values at DDreams are transparent and fundamental: be authentic, be creative, and strive to improve.

These values have permeated our brand and can be found in everything we do and produce, from the members of our team to the collections we design, because we understand that the greatest way to teach and inspire is through demonstration. As an example, consider our collections. Each new collection we release is and will always be better than the previous one since we know we are the finest and strive to improve on a constant basis.

'To become better, you must believe you're better. Therefore you are your thoughts and beliefs"